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The joy of a new Annexe!

MALA have recently finished a breathtaking annexe build. Our client chose a MALA Annexe for her mother over a care home and is over joyed with the finish of her build.

“It’s such a brilliant build! I love how it’s so environmentally friendly and how they don’t use concrete, and it’s a really high-quality product”

Debbie Oakes, 2023

elderly grandmother washing up with daughter inside annexe interior
grandmother in garden with grandchildren outside annexe

be part of annexe life!

Are you a little older in years with a supportive family who could provide the care you need? Or perhaps you are the one providing support and care for an older person – most likely your own mum or dad! On the other hand, you might be grandparents leading an independent lifestyle but feel you’re missing your grandchildren grow up. Retirement homes probably don’t really appeal to you either. Or maybe you’re a parent who would love to be able to benefit from your own parent’s babysitting services!

Whoever you are, building a Granny Annexe for older family members provides a fantastic opportunity to engage in multigenerational living. Annexe life allows people to feel supported and cared for by family, whilst retaining a sense of independence. Even if family cannot provide care, personalised care services can be brought in and everyone can still benefit from living steps away from each other.

Perhaps you are a young professional in need of your own living space. Well not all Annexes have to be Granny Annexes! If you are struggling to save for a housing deposit and renting isn’t a suitable option, building an Annexe could be a suitably cheaper living arrangement if your parents have additional space on their property.

We understand that different people will choose to build an Annexe for varying reasons dependent on their age and situation. That’s why our dedicated team collaborates closely with individuals to create homes tailored and designed for everyone’s specific needs. We want everyone to enjoy Annexe life to the full!


Build your 5-star garden abode!

By deciding to build a MALA Annexe, you can experience the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Our unique annexes are sound proof, energy effecient and built with the utmost precision. These premium quality living spaces are backed by a 25 year warranty. They look spectacular, boast fantastic interiors and feel great to live in! 

Our garden annexes also come with superior double-glazed aluminium windows and doors. The fully insulated frames, triple-glazed roof lights and high end eco-friendly composite cladding, make them thermally and acoustically insulated.

Exterior grey MALA Annexe frontage with decking
interior of annexe

Designed for YOU!

Our garden annexes can include all sorts of features to make your life easier!

Remote-control lighting and thermostat – make life simpler.

Bathroom grab handles – for greater reassurance and comfort.

Lower kitchen worktops – making food-prep easier.

Slip-resistant floors – giving you peace of mind.

Step-free entrances and wider doors – for good wheelchair access.

Our aim is to focus on enhancing the accessibility and usability of the living space for a variety of people with different needs. 

Matching your style!

Everybody has their way of making a house feel like a home. It’s our top priority to help bring your home style into our annexes to create a space with your unique feel and vibes! Our well-lit interiors can also include mood lighting, feature windows and feature walls of your choice.

Perhaps you’re after a modern, open-plan, studio-style garden apartment that optimises space and has good storage facilities. Or maybe you want the inside of your annexe to appear more traditional.

Whatever you’re looking for, our team wants to focus on creating the perfect annexe that matches your style!

Kitchen inside annexe

Family Benefits

Annexe living is a great way to give people a sense of independence and retain their emotional well-being. Care home residents often have to adjust to living their lives according to the daily routine of the home. However, living in a granny annexe allows people to have their own routine and privacy within a familiar environment.

Family members and grandchildren can visit frequently, provide emotional support, personal care, prepare meals, help with mobility issues and provide companionship.

Offering the annexe lifestyle to your older family members is a good way to prevent them from experiencing loneliness, depression and anxiety that can occur when transitioning to a care home. It’s also a good alternative to retirement homes.

Overall, the whole family can also have peace of mind and a sense of security by releiving the financial burden of exorbitant fees associated with care homes.

Care home or Annexe?

The average cost of a care home fee can vary depending on factors such as the location, level of care required, and the specific care home itself. In the United Kingdom, the weekly cost of residential care homes can easily peak at over £1,500 per week.

If you were to sell a parent’s home to fund care home fees, a £300k house sale spent at a rate of £1500 per week on a care home diminishes and devalues rapidly.

At this expenditure, the funds would last for approximately 200 weeks, or roughly four years (and that is without taking into account inflation).

Each week, £1500 is deducted from the total, causing a substantial reduction over time. The costs of long-term care can quickly deplete savings and assets, including the proceeds from selling a property. This leaves fewer resources for inheritance.


Exterior corner of annexe

A cost-saving solution

If you decide to sell your parent’s home to fund the construction of a granny annexe, it can result in substantial financial benefits. By freeing up the equity tied up in the property, you can secure a comfortable future for your loved ones moving into the annexe, whilst also putting money in the bank and having more finanical resources your disposal. A Mala annexe starts from around £80,000 and will add value to an existing property and increase in value.

In summary, the money made from selling a house will not pay for many years of care in a care home. On the other hand, using the money to build a granny annexe means you could have money spare. This particularly applies if family are able to provide the care and support that an older person needs. You may be entitled to a carers allowance.

You can also find out more about this on Carer’s UK. 


Home-care brought to you!

Many assisted care packages are available for familes who are unable to provide the necessary care required for an older family member.  Care for the elderly at home is gaining popularity. Therefore, MALA has established partnerships with trusted home care providers who successfully carry out millions of care visits each year. Our network allows us to connect you with these experienced professionals, enabling your loved ones to receive the highest standard of home care for the elderly.

An assisted care package for an elderly parent is a comprehensive service that provides support and assistance with daily living activities. It typically includes personal care, medication management, meal preparation, housekeeping, transportation and social engagement. The package is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the individual, ensuring they receive the necessary help to maintain their independence and well-being.

There are many reputable national care providers covering an extensive range of support and specialist care for common conditions an aging person may need support with.


Annexe Design & Build Process

We aim to have your Annexe built quickly and efficiently. Our specialist team can build a one-person, average sized annexe in just 6 weeks! However, for us to begin building you will need to find out whether you will be granted planning permission. If you’re unsure about what that involves, we can help you get started with our easy, stress-free Annexe build process.

  1. Site Visit

  2. Quotation

  3. Free initial planning consultation

  4. Free architectural drawing service

  5. Free planning permission submission

  6. Payment of deposit

  7. Building commences

MALA Annexes offers a list of advisors and lenders providing free advice on optimal funding options and financial strategies to ensure your annexe investment is financially beneficial.


Building in Steel

Framecad’s internationally reconised steel construction technology provides the engineering for our steel frame build process. Every engineered part is made to fit together with a high level of accuracy and precision and can significantly speed up build processes by weeks. Our steel frames are stronger and more resiliant than timber framed buildings or frames constructed using SIP panels, but hold together with the same integrity as bricks and mortar.


annexe steel frame

The National Annexe Providers Consultancy

The NAPC is an independent specialist consultancy with a wealth of experience in annexes, mobile homes and garden rooms. They are also the UK’s only annexe planning and development consultancy, so MALA work closely with the NAPC who ensure the highest standards of design, construction and delivery for all projects. The NAPC’s nationwide service provides a complete range of planning, drawing and building control services to private and commercial customers.



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