Welcome to the wonderful world of MALA Living.

MALA are one of Britain’s finest design-led construction companies. We use modern methods of construction by building in light gauge steel to build the people of Britain the best leading edge garden rooms, annexes, extensions, exterior decks and leisure pods. Immerse yourself in the meticulously constructed and crafted MALA product built to surpass all expectations. Experience the pinnacle of indoor and outdoor living with MALA Living.

We love what we do, we hope you do too.

What Garden Rooms are you looking for?

Mala garden rooms
MALA garden rooms - Mala Annexes
MALA garden rooms - Mala Extensions
MALA garden rooms - Mala Decks
Mala living - Mala garden rooms
Mala garden rooms - Mala leisure pods
MALA garden rooms


Building Britain’s Best Garden Rooms

Step into the captivating world of MALA Rooms, where cutting-edge aesthetics meet meticulous craftsmanship to create Britain’s unrivaled outdoor garden sanctuaries.

The MALA Signature Range boasts breathtaking contemporary structures adorned with sleek lines. Embraced by an architectural porch that not only makes a bold design statement but also provides functional excellence, ensuring pristine rain-free windows and a stylish decked area for shoe storage and adorned with exquisite planters.

Explore the Signature Range, an exquisite collection of rooms in various shapes, sizes, and configurations, offering limitless possibilities for your outdoor oasis.

A MALA Room is for life and for living!

MALA Annexes

Garden Apartment Living

At MALA Annexes, we firmly believe in providing a loving and compassionate solution for our elderly parents or family members. We understand that the decision to move them into a care home can be emotionally challenging and financially burdensome. That’s why we offer an alternative that not only saves you from the financial stress but also provides a warm and comfortable home for your loved ones in your own garden.

Choosing to build a MALA granny annex allows you to keep your parent or parents close by, ensuring they remain an integral part of the family and community.

From the initial planning application process through to the final build, we create a perfect living space that is tailored to specific functional and individual needs.

MALA garden rooms - Mala Annexes
MALA garden rooms - Mala extensions

MALA extensions

Home Extensions Made Easy

Extending a home need not be costly or complicated. MALA extensions can quickly, easily and cost effectively extend your home.

Adding extra living space is usually life changing for a family. But adding extra space is usually very disruptive to family life, not with a MALA extension!

MALA uses modern methods of construction to build our steel framed, thermally and acoustically efficient extensions. The MALA extension team ensures your extension is built in rapid time and without disruption to family life.

MALA decks

Superior External Flooring Solutions

Beautiful decks that are built to look good for life!

Installing a high-quality deck at home is the perfect way to extend your outdoor living space whilst adding value to your property.

There are many different types of materials available including high quality composite, hardwood timber, stone pavers and porcelain decking to achieve the look and feel you require.

Likewise there are many different types of installers and installation methods too!

MALA garden rooms - Mala decks
MALA garden rooms - Mala leisure pods


Smart Building For Pods Lodges Airbnb

Are you a looking to create a captivating and cutting-edge building or multiple buildings to let out as either your main income or a secondary one? Look no further than MALA leisure. We specialise in building visually enticing and versatile self contained leisure pods, tailored for the thriving leisure and holiday lettings industry. Our secret? The innovative technology of light gauge steel and modern methods of construction.

With our commitment to excellence, we seamlessly blend precision engineering, sustainability, and the creation of stunning environments.