MALA – The design-led construction company

MALA use modern construction methods to build the best looking garden rooms, extensions, annexes, decks, pods and lodges! Guaranteed to last a lifetime, MALA buildings look great inside and out! As a design-led construction company, our buildings take a contemporary form with sleek lines, framed by the stylish Signature Range feature facade! This gives an impressive and sophisticated design statement. Without a nail or screw head insight, our beautiful buildings create their own presence and stature!

MALA Garden Room Exterior made from modern construction methods

“Very happy to be out of my house and in my MALA Home Office”

lan Feeney Award winning creative director, Birmingham

Why we use modern construction methods.

By using modern construction methods and high quality environmentally friendly materials, we can build anti-rot, eco-friendly foundations. We do not use ‘traditional’ foundation methods with timber posts as these can rot over time. Even a cement foundation can slowly sink or crack and also be costly to build and damaging to the environment. Therefore, we choose to build our structures so that they sit securely on galvanised steel ground screw foundations.

Precision Built

Every MALA construction is built with precision. The high quality light gauge steel frame is manufactured using the latest digital technology, high-tech machinery and high-grade steel coil. Timbre frames have a tendency to create future structural problems such as sticking windows and bi-fold doors. However, our steel frames are not only straight and even but will not rot, warp, twist, split or shrink like timber frames.

Our ground Screws can stand up to 150 kN per foundation – that’s two fully grown African Elephants per foundation! They will also last a lot longer than the lifespan of an elephant! This means the foundation is suitable for supporting a garden room holding gym equipment, a dance rehearsal space, a deck holding a hot-tub and any other kind of room! With MALA you can have a room built for life! 


Steel Frame Structure made from modern construction methods
Mala rooms modern construction methods
Steel frame

The advantages of steel frame modern construction methods:

  • Built 30% faster on site than other methods

  • 3D modelled to ensure100% accuracy

  • Consistent quality (never a bad frame)

  • Anti-rot, warp, split and shrink

  • Non-Combustible

  • Manufactured using high-grade materials

  • A solid steel screw foundation is suitable for every type of soil and surface

  • 25 year anti-rust warranty

  • No concrete needed!

  • Suitable for temporary and permanent constructions

  • Reusable without damaging the environment (or tree roots)

  • Produced in accordance with EN-1090-2 standards

  • Galvanized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461

  • Can adapt to differing ground levels and reduce the need for groundworks

Mala room Steel Frame modern construction methods

Our use of durable and sustainable materials

MALA use a wide range of premium materials in their modern construction methods. This includes anything from the screws to the insulation! We ensure that the materials used are certified with a high recycled content and recyclability level as well as a long working life. This means we use high quality, durable materials that require low maintenance. With our garden buildings there is no need to reapply paint when it gets flaky or add protective layers on an annual basis. This is because our composite cladding, LVT flooring and aluminium door and window frames are very low maintenance.

Wherever possible, we look for manufacturers that incorporate environmental best practices into their manufacturing processes. We also look for suppliers that donate to good causes. For example, our cladding supplier donates 10% of profits to sustainable causes to help become a carbon negative business.

Mala garden room

Our Installation Process

Buildings Built Better

At MALA our ethos is that everyone and everything benefits from a professional installation team. Our installation teams are high skilled trades people who pride themselves on being the best in modern construction methods. With a keen eye for detail their goal is to ensure we build the best rooms and have the happiest customers. We minimise the amount of time we need to spend on-site and therefore our customers are not subjected to the usual disruption builders can bring.

Professional design and build process

Our professional trades people love their craft! With minimal noise or disruption (no radios!), our friendly team can put your MALA room together within less than 4 weeks.

Our team follow a strict no smoking policy and will always aim to use alternative entrances to access the back of your property wherever possible. We will also corner off the work area so it’s obvious to children and pets where the boundaries are. We understand just how precious your space is. That’s why our job is to leave your property looking exactly as we found it with the installation of a brand new MALA building!

If you want the best installation team and to build the best garden building, then you have come to right place!

MALA Room Exterior with deck

HYPERION® Composite Cladding

MALA use HYPERION® composite cladding that resists warping, splitting, insects, rot, and fungal decay. HYPERION® is an innovative cladding system which is made almost entirely from recycled material and does not splinter. As this low maintenance cladding does not rot and does not require any treatment, you save every year over standard wood products and it will always looks good! Composites, unlike traditional wood cladding, have a long service life and do not require costly and time-consuming maintenance or replacement. Hyperion composite cladding is designed to take on very little water and the products have a much lower absorption rate than timber. This reduces the likelihood of wet rot over a longer period of time.

Sustainable Engineering

Hyperion® wood-plastic composite cladding (WPC Cladding) is engineered from an innovative composition of 60% FSC® certified wood reclaimed from post-industrial manufacturing and 40% recycled High Density Polyethylene, environmentally gentle bonding agent, additives and tint. Saving these materials from landfill, giving them value and recycling them into a long-life product, provides a harmonious solution to sustainable living.

Our composite cladding comes with up to 15-year manufactures backed limited residential warranty, but we expect it to last way beyond that! Our contemporary styled composite cladding by HYPERION® is available  in a range of colours with matching deck colours. Cladding comes in natural browns: Oak and Walnut – or modern greys including Granite, Stone and Silver Birch.


  • Manufactured using 100% renewable energy

  • Sustainable production with 90% recycled materials

  • Our cladding partner donates 10% of profits to sustainable causes.

  • The Hyperion Sentinel range has a superior Euro Class B fire rating

  • Does not rot, warp or splinter

  • Up to 15 years warranty

  • Splinter and insect resistant material

  • Low maintenance, never treat or stain

  • Timeless decorative cladding

  • CO2 equiv. emissions -68% less than timber

  • 90% recyclable materials

Styling Options

A whole range of colour options (25 in fact) allow you to tailor the design of your MALA building to your desired style.

Mala room light coloured exterior clad
MALA Room Hyperion clad

Cortizo bi-fold doors and windows

Our Cortizo bi-fold doors and windows are not only elegant and stylish, but also insulated at the core of the door! These windows and doors provide market-leading thermal performance. They also meet the requirements of Building Regulations Part L, protecting against future tightening of Building Regulations.

Custom high-strength wheel rollers ensure the smooth operation of the Cortizo door. Along with multiple weather-seals, these precision components ensure years of trouble-free, reliable operation.

Thermally Effecient

Traditional aluminium doors struggle to meet current legislation, often forcing people to choose aluminium aesthetics and finish over thermal performance. However, the unique Cortizo folding and sliding door is thermally effecient whilst retaining the sleek and architectural look of aluminium.

Our Cortizo doors are highly energy efficient. The double-glazed Cortizo folding and sliding door achieves a U-value of 1.5 W/m2K. Upgrading to low-E glass gives an improved U-value of 1.4 W/m2K. Finally, a U-value as low as 1.0 W/m2K is achievable using 44mm triple glazing. 

MALA Room Cortizo door cross section made by modern construction methods
MALA Room Cortizo Bi-fold doors made from modern construction methods

WarmCore folding sliding doors

WarmCore folding and sliding doors have been designed to stand the test of time. These doors include anodised finish of the hardware (suitable for coastal use) and a 60-80 micron powder coat finish on the aluminium (marine grade is 40 microns thick). All fixings used are stainless steel, chosen to resist corrosion and tough extruded aluminium hinges.

The quad-wheeled track rollers are precision engineered to perform consistently every single time, year on year. The thermal core significantly outperforms most other aluminium windows and door. 

 WarmCore doors carry a comprehensive 10-year guarantee. This covers materials, surface finish and operation. The doors are also compliant to Building Regulations Part L. 

Stone Wool Quote - part of Modern Construction Methods
Stone wool insulation embedded in steel frame modern construction methods

Stone Wool Insulation from ROCKWOOL

The walls of our MALA buildings are filled with fire-resistant Stone Wall insulation from Rockwool-a manufacturer who make building insulation.  Rockwool’s Stone wool insulation is created by spinning molten rock and minerals with steel slag to create a cotton-candy-like wool product. Pressed into rolls and sheets, stone wool creates incredibly effective insulation with sound-absorbing and fire-resistant properties.

Using stone wool insulation means our MALA Outdoor Rooms keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Our substantial 177mm thick walls are fully insulated, as well as the floors and ceilings, providing an energy efficient room with acoustic benefits.  The insulated walls provide thermal consistency which helps to maintain a steady temperature. 

Stone wool (or mineral wool) was discovered on the islands of Hawaii around the beginning of the nineteenth century and occurs as a natural byproduct of volcanic activity. There is something uniquely exciting about turning an abundant natural resource into products that enrich modern life.

In its manufactured state, stone wool delivers unique benefits as an insulation solution. In part due to its non-directional fibre orientation, stone wool also exhibits unique benefits which have come to be known as the 7 strengths of stone.

Fire Resistant:

ROCKWOOL stone wool can withstand temperatures greater than 1,800°F (1,000°C) and does not contribute to the development and spread of fire or the release of toxic gases.

Sound Absorbent:

The non-directional structure of ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is denser than traditional insulation products. This helps to absorb acoustic waves and can reduce the intensity and propagation of noise. Stone wool also effectively reduces airflow and sound transmission, while providing higher airflow resistivity for improved sound attenuation.

Water Repellent:

ROCKWOOL stone wool is water repellent yet vapor permeable. This means that the long-term R-value is unaffected by moisture over time. The inherent drying potential of the product is also resistant to rot, mold and mildew growth, contributing to a safer indoor environment

Reusable and recyclable

– sustainability at the forefront

Robust and adaptable

– lifelong steady performance

Stone Wool blocks- part of Modern Construction Methods
Rockwool thermal insulation - part of MALA's modern construction methods

MALA 25 Year Frame & Foundation Guarantee

Our frame and foundation comes with a 25 year guarantee ensuring your room keeps its stunning good looks well into its old age.

We don’t use timber frames and we don’t use wooden posts for foundations!

The most important part of your building will be its structural frame and its foundation. We use high-grade steel precision engineered to build our frames whilst our ground screw foundations are galvanized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461.

This means we can provide total peace of mind through our 25-year guarantee on your frame and foundation against rot – quite simply they will not rot.

Steel Frame Modern Construction Methods
Light grey external composite clad modern construction methods

Manufacturer Backed Guarantees

Our composite cladding and decking carry a 15-year warranty in domestic applications and 10 years in commercial applications. However, MALA  selects these materials and products for the anticipated life expectancy, and we would expect that to far exceed the manufactures warranty.

Our standard Vinyl Click Flooring System has a 12-year warranty in domestic applications. We feel it’s the perfect choice for an outdoor room. It’s tough, water resistant, textured and beautiful with a finish to suit everyone’s taste.

Even some of the bulbs we use in our lighting have manufactures warranties.

As with all MALA buildings you are free to specify which material you use to build your perfect room – we are only here to advise and guide.