Upgrade your Garden Design!

Garden Design with Mala Decks

Why Mala Decks can modernise your garden design.

Our beautiful decks are built to look good for life! Installing a high-quality deck that faces your back garden is the perfect way to extend your outdoor living space and get creative with your garden design. Our decks will not only give a modern look to your garden but also add value to your property.

There are many different types of materials available including high quality composite, hardwood timber, stone pavers and porcelain decking to achieve the look and feel you require.

Likewise there are many different types of installers and installation methods too!

Why your garden design should include a Hot Tub on a MALA Deck!

Installing decking for a hot tub will add a relaxing and enjoyable extra space to your outdoor living area and snazz up your garden design! However, it’s crucial to ensure that the foundation is solid and installed correctly.

Mala steel screw foundations and bases are tailored to support the weight of the water and people sitting in the hot tub, preventing any potential damage to the decking or surrounding area. With our decking, you can sink into the tub and relax, knowing that your hot tub is fully supported and secure.

Garden Design with Hot Tub on Mala Decking

Specialists In External Flooring Installations

MALA decks is a specialist installer experienced in all types of installations to all ground types. Irrespective of whether your ground is perfectly flat or sloping, our foundation and base systems cleverly create a perfectly level, incredibly ‘dance floor strong’ anti-rot platform to take the finish of your choice.

It’s True: Choose your installation company wisely, and your new deck area will last a lifetime.

MALA decks provide a high-quality design and installation service with long structural and material guarantees. Our installations ensure your new deck is always usable, trouble-free and a beautiful addition to your garden design. Our decks are built to look good for life!

MALA Solid Steel Screw Foundations

If the ground your decking is to go onto is uneven then the MALA solid steel screw foundations is a great option and can be used to prevent the need for heavy groundworks to be carried out. Groundworks are usually expensive, time consuming and create mess and upheaval. Our non-traditional steel and composite foundations are a cutting edge way to combate this and are extremely strong and load-bearing amongst many other benefits, some of which are listed below.

  •  Suitable for every type of soil and surface
  • Can be used all year round (UK winter proof)
  • 25 year anti-rust warranty
  • No concrete needed!
  • Reusable without damaging the environment (or tree roots)
  • Produced in accordance with EN-1090-2 standards
  • Galvanized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461
  • Can adapt to differing ground levels and reduce the need for groundworks
Garden Design with Mala Decks

The Benefits of using MALA Grid and Pedestal System

  • Grout free joints ensure clean lines.
  • Self draining porcelain and stone paving decks
  • Sloping and uneven ground rectified without the usual cost attached to level
  • Endless choice of beautiful porcelain paving, stone paving and boards

Our attention to the finer detail and finish of the deck creates an area that stands out and gives a fantastic appearance to your overall garden design.

Materials Explained

Porcelain decking is a low-maintenance, durable decking material made from porcelain tiles. It offers a modern, sleek appearance and is resistant to stains, scratches, and weather.

Composite decking is a low-maintenance, eco-friendly decking material made from a mixture of wood fibers and recycled plastic. It comes in a variety of colors and styles and is resistant to weather, insects, and rot.

Stone paving  is made from natural stone, such as granite or limestone, and offers a classic, timeless appearance. It is durable and long-lasting, but can be more expensive and may require regular sealing and maintenance.

Porcelain Tiles are a ultra low maintanence and offer a breathtaking contempory look. They come in an almost infinate variety of colours and patterns and are certainly a popular choice amongst the most credited outdoor space designers in the UK today.

Hardwood timber or mill board decking is a natural and beautiful option made from a variety of hardwood species. It offers durability and longevity, but may require more maintenance and upkeep than other materials.

In summary, the main differences between these decking materials are their composition, appearance, maintenance requirements, and cost.

MALA decks – decks For Life


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