The NAPC (National Annexe Providers Consultancy) are the UK’s only annexe  planning and development consultancy

MALA work closely with the NAPC who are here to ensure the highest standards of design, construction and delivery for all projects.

The NAPC are an independent specialist consultancy with a wealth of experience in annexes, mobile homes and garden rooms. And, working with both private and commercial customers, their nationwide service provides a complete range of planning, drawings and building control services.

MALA annexes

At MALA Annexes, we firmly believe in providing a loving and compassionate solution for our elderly parents or family members. We understand that the decision to move them into a care home can be emotionally challenging and financially burdensome. That’s why we offer an alternative that not only saves you from the financial stress but also provides a warm and comfortable home for your loved ones in your own garden. 

Choosing to build a MALA granny annex allows you to keep your parent or parents close by, ensuring they remain an integral part of the family and community.

From the initial planning application process through to the final build, we create a perfect living space that is tailored to specific functional and individual needs.

Relieve financial burden and create financial benefits

One of the significant advantages of a MALA annex is the substantial cost savings it offers compared to expensive care home fees. A MALA annexe allows you to provide your loved ones with a secure and independent living environment while avoiding the exorbitant fees associated with care homes. This not only relieves the financial burden but also provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones are well-cared for in a familiar setting.

Moreover, if you decide to sell your parent’s home to fund the construction of the annexe, it can result in substantial financial benefits. By freeing up the equity tied up in the property, you can secure a comfortable future for your loved ones while also putting money in the bank. This additional financial stability can provide a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that your parent or parents have both a comfortable living space and financial resources at their disposal.

Home care providers

Home care packages can be tailored to meet a parent’s exact requirements. There are many reputable national care providers covering an extensive range of care, support and specialist care for common conditions an aging person may need support with.
By choosing a home care provider, you can have peace of mind knowing that your parents will receive the necessary attention and care, alleviating any concerns about their daily needs.

At MALA, we have established partnerships with trusted home care providers who successfully carry out millions of care visits each year. Our network allows us to connect you with these experienced professionals, enabling your parents to receive the highest standard of care and support. By tailoring the services to your parent’s specific needs, we aim to create a comprehensive and compassionate support system.

MALA Annexe – the perfect solution

The MALA annexe team understands that everyone’s needs differ, and our team works closely with you to ensure that the annex is equipped with the necessary support systems. Whether it’s safety features, accessibility modifications, or assistance devices, we ensure that your parent’s comfort and well-being are facilitated.

With MALA annexes, you can have complete confidence that our dedication to provide the perfect environment for Mom, Dad or both makes us the ideal choice for senior living.

We strive to create a space that not only meets physical needs but also fosters a sense of belonging and happiness. Let us help you build a granny annex that becomes a sanctuary of love and care, enabling your parent or parents to age gracefully and happily in the comfort of their own home.

Looking after a loved one at home – Assisted care package from home

Having an elderly relative live in a granny annexe at home does not mean that the homeowner has to become the carer.
An assisted care package for an elderly parent is a comprehensive service that provides support and assistance with daily living activities. It typically includes personal care, medication management, meal preparation, housekeeping, transportation, and social engagement.

The package is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the individual, ensuring they receive the necessary help to maintain their independence and well-being. Assisted care packages can be provided in various settings, including the individual’s own home, assisted living facilities, or residential care homes. These packages aim to enhance the quality of life for elderly individuals, promoting their comfort, safety, and overall happiness.

Cost and implications of putting a loved one in a care home

Care home fees can significantly impact funds and future inheritance from a property. The costs of long-term care can quickly deplete savings and assets, including the proceeds from selling a property, leaving fewer resources for inheritance.

The average cost of a care home fee can vary depending on factors such as the location, level of care required, and the specific care home itself. In the United Kingdom, the weekly cost of residential care homes can easily peak at over £1,500 per week.


While the decision to put an elderly parent into a care home is deeply personal, there are alternative options to consider, such as building a granny annexe. With a Granny annexe, your parent can have the comfort and familiarity of living in their own space while being close to family for support.

This arrangement promotes a sense of independence, autonomy, and emotional well-being. Your parent can maintain their routine, have privacy, and enjoy a greater sense of control over their environment.

Additionally, a Granny annexe allows for personalized care, tailored to their specific needs, while providing peace of mind for family members who can be readily available.

I’m selling a parent’s home to fund care home fees

A £300k house sale spent at a rate of £1500 per week on a care home diminishes and devalues rapidly. At this expenditure, the funds would last for approximately 200 weeks, or roughly four years (and that is without taking into account inflation). Each week, £1500 is deducted from the total, causing a substantial reduction over time.

The speed at which the funds diminish emphasizes the importance of careful financial planning and consideration of long-term care costs. If not managed effectively, the diminishing funds can have a significant impact on one’s financial security and ability to maintain care home fees without having to directly contribute, affecting your own lifestyle.


It is crucial to evaluate alternatives, such as building a granny annexe to mitigate the rapid reduction of funds and ensure a sustainable financial outlook. Proactive measures can help preserve financial stability and provide a more secure future which can be undermined by ongoing care home expenses.

For example a Mala annexe starts from around eighty thousand pounds and will add value to an existing property and increase in value.

5 Benefits of an annexe over a care home

1. Familiar Environment and Personalized Care

One of the primary benefits of an annexe over a care home is that it allows elderly relatives to remain in a familiar environment, surrounded by the people they know and love. This can help reduce feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety that can occur when transitioning to a care home. Additionally, an annexe provides the opportunity for personalized care that is tailored to the individual’s unique needs and preferences. Family members can provide customized care and support, such as preparing meals, helping with mobility issues, and providing companionship.

2. Increased Independence and Autonomy

Another advantage of an annexe is that it allows elderly relatives to maintain a greater level of independence and autonomy. In a care home, residents are often subject to strict schedules and routines, which can be difficult for some individuals to adjust to. An annexe allows elderly relatives to maintain control over their daily routines, including when to eat, sleep, and engage in activities. This can help improve their overall quality of life and sense of well-being.

3. Improved Socialization and Interpersonal Connections

Living in an annexe can also provide increased opportunities for socialization and interpersonal connections. Elderly relatives who live in a care home may experience feelings of isolation and loneliness, as they are not able to interact with their family members and friends on a regular basis. In an annexe, however, family members can visit frequently and provide emotional support and companionship. Additionally, an annexe can provide opportunities for intergenerational relationships, as grandchildren and great-grandchildren may be able to visit and spend time with their elderly relative.

4. Greater Cost-Effectiveness

In many cases, an annexe can be a more cost-effective option than a care home. Care homes can be expensive, and the cost may increase over time as the individual’s needs and requirements change. In contrast, an annexe allows family members to provide caregiving and support, which can help reduce the cost of care and improve the individual’s quality of life. Additionally, an annexe can provide a sustainable option for elderly care, as family members can provide ongoing care and support without the need for a care home.

5. Increased Sense of Control and Security

Finally, an annexe can provide elderly relatives with a greater sense of control and security. Living in a care home can be overwhelming and disorienting for some individuals, as they are not able to control their environment or surroundings. An annexe, on the other hand, provides a familiar and secure environment where elderly relatives can maintain a sense of control over their daily lives. Additionally, living in an annexe can provide a greater sense of security, as family members are nearby to provide assistance and support in case of an emergency.

Is there a downside to Downsizing?

Downsizing and moving into a purpose-built annexe in your son or daughter’s garden can be a transformative and joyous experience. Imagine being closer to your loved ones, sharing daily moments, and creating lasting memories. This new living arrangement offers a unique opportunity to maintain your independence while enjoying the benefits of close familial support.

A MALA annexe provides a private and comfortable space, designed specifically to cater to your needs. You can enjoy a cozy home environment while having the reassurance of your family’s presence nearby. Shared meals, family gatherings, and the simple pleasures of spending time together become effortless and frequent.

Embracing this change can enhance your quality of life. It allows for a more fulfilling social life, opportunities for shared hobbies and activities, and a deeper connection with your grandchildren. A MALA annexe provides a chance to simplify your lifestyle, freeing you from the burdens of a larger home and allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Furthermore, living in close proximity to your loved ones promotes a sense of security, both for you and your family. The support and care you receive are readily available, ensuring your well-being and providing peace of mind for everyone involved.

By downsizing and embracing this purpose-built MALA annexe, you open the door to a new chapter filled with love, togetherness, and happiness. It’s an opportunity to create a unique and harmonious living arrangement that enriches your life and deepens the bonds with your family.

Annexe or Apartment?

A MALA annexe in essence is a garden apartment due to its similarities to a traditional apartment. We prefer the term “garden apartment” as it denotes a self-contained living space that is situated within a garden or outdoor area. Like a typical apartment, a garden annexe offers a separate living unit with its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and living areas.

Unlike the traditional name annexe, a MALA annexe is far from traditional. A MALA annexe (garden apartment) is a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living, combining the convenience of an apartment with the beauty and tranquility of a garden.

Recent Project

MALA annexes have recently finished a breathtaking annexe build. Our client chose a MALA annexe for her mother over a care home and is over joyed with the finish of her build.

“It’s such a brilliant build! I love how it’s so enviromentally friendly and how they don’t use concrete, and it’s a really high-qualityproduct” Debbie Oakes, 2023


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