What is a Granny Annexe?

It’s quite obvious to most of us that a Granny Annexe is a separate building, detached from the main house in the back garden where granny lives! But with a MALA Annexe, you don’t have to necessarily think of our Annexes as small houses just for old people! If someone younger is going to be living in it, you might just want to call it a Garden Annexe! Young adults living in Annexes has become popular in recent years due to the rise in rent and house prices.

Sometimes (and more traditionally) a Granny Annexe is a sectioned off part of the house for an older parent. However, we always build our Annexes separately from the house, making them a bit like a mobile home.

MALA Granny Annexe showing what a Granny Annexe is

What is Granny Annexe planning permission?

This is when you need to seek planning approval for a Granny Annexe because the building is likely to include the usual housing facilities such as bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. However, the Caravan Sites Act can also cover our Annexes if you do not plan to rent or sell them. If your Annexe is covered you may not need planning permission. The best way to find out is to obtain a Lawful development Certificate so that your local authority can decide whether the building is classed as incidental.

Is a Granny Annexe subject to council tax?

This depends on whether the family member living inside the Annexe is indepedent or requires additional care and support. It also depends on whether they have moved in yet. Depending on the latter factors, our annexes could end up being exempt or the council could reduce the council tax to 50%.

What are the benefits?

If you are able to help take care of your elderly family members, then a Granny Annexe could help save on the cost of care fees. You can read more examples about the different ways finances and granny annexes can work on primecarers.co.uk.

A Granny Annexe is a great opportunity for multi-generational living and for making a homely environment for an elderly person. Older people may not feel independent in a care home. On the other hand, if they live in an Annexe, life can feel more freeing with additional support.

Building a Granny Annexe will also add value to your home and help young adults looking for independence who cannot yet afford a home of their own. Another alternative is to rent out the Annexe as a secondary source of income.

elderly grandmother washing up with daughter inside  granny annexe interior
elderly grandmother washing up with daughter inside annexe interior