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Step into the captivating world of MALA Rooms, where cutting-edge aesthetics meet meticulous craftsmanship to create Britain’s unrivaled outdoor garden sanctuaries.

The MALA Signature Range boasts breathtaking contemporary structures adorned with sleek lines. Embraced by an architectural porch that not only makes a bold design statement but also provides functional excellence, ensuring pristine rain-free windows and a stylish decked area for shoe storage and adorned with exquisite planters.

Explore the Signature Range, an exquisite collection of rooms in various shapes, sizes, and configurations, offering limitless possibilities for your outdoor oasis.

A MALA Room is for life and for living!

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Signature Range Room

The MALA Signature Range is a light, bright, fully insulated space, designed for relaxation and productivity. For work, rest or play the MALA Signature Range creates a wonderful space.

The Perfect Space

A MALA  room is beyond versitile! We can create the perfect space in your garden to be used as an office, a gym, a cinema room, entertainment room or even a mixture of uses to meet the whole family’s wants – a space that allows you to do exactly what you want.

A MALA room is a light, bright fully insulated space for relaxation, revitalisation, or a place to do your best work.

Rooms from the MALA Signature Range are stylish, affordable and fully-fitted with everything needed to create your perfect space. Additional options are available for those who wish to upgrade certain aspects of their room.

MALA Signature – the marque of quality 

We build outdoor rooms using the most modern methods of construction. Rooms that are truly habitable all year-round;

  • 25-year Anti-Rot frame and foundation guarantee
  • Superior double-glazed aluminum windows and doors with fully insulated frames
  • High end eco-friendly composite cladding
  • Highly energy efficient and very low maintenance
  • Thermally and acoustically insulated
  • Stunning looking high-quality buildings

“I absolutely love my MALA Room, it’s even better than I thought it would be.”

Angela Cain Hypnotherapist, Harley Street

The Signature room with Side Store

Introducing the exquisite Signature Range Room with Side Store – a marriage of exceptional functionality and impeccable aesthetics.

Looks & Practicality

The Signature Range room with Side Store has stunning good looks which are not compromised by the integrated storage area. A shed provides a vital storage area in most gardens, removing an old shed to replace it with an outdoor room with integrated storage is a stylish solution to rehome your garden equipment alongside your outdoor room.

The bi-fold doors can remain perfectly centralised or set to one side. The storage area is entered through an external clad ‘invisible’ door and fitted with lights and electric points. The main room area has the same specification as our Signature Range rooms to provide the perfect space for a home office etc. The Signature Range room with Side Store is the perfect space for home and garden.

Aluminium Decking Benefits

The Best Of Both Worlds

The bi-fold doors can be flawlessly centered or elegantly set to one side, while the storage area, concealed behind an external cladding ‘invisible’ door, boasts the convenience of lights and electric points.

Within the main room area, you’ll discover the same exceptional specifications found in our esteemed Signature Range rooms, offering a flawless space for a home office or any desired purpose.

Discover the epitome of perfection with the Signature Range Room with Side Store – an exquisite fusion of home and garden in one harmonious space.

Signature Range Dual Room

The new MALA Signature Dual Range Room – indoor outdoor harmony

Signature Dual Range Room

The new MALA Signature Dual Range Room – indoor outdoor harmony

Welcome to the captivating world of MALA Signature Dual Range Room, where indoor and outdoor seamlessly merge into a harmonious symphony of design.

Drawing inspiration from the elegance and symmetry of our acclaimed Signature Range, the new Signature Dual Range Room boasts sleek lines and an architectural shape that exudes timeless beauty.

Embrace the opportunity to cultivate a synchronized indoor-outdoor lifestyle within this impeccably designed space. The versatile footprint of this remarkable structure allows you complete flexibility to allocate each area according to your desires.


Now, with the choice of creating your own unique haven, the only decision that remains is how to adorn your new space. Will it be a sanctuary combining an office and summer kitchen, a haven for both fitness and relaxation with a gym and hot tub, a captivating music room with a stylish bar, or an indoor-outdoor chillout oasis?

The Signature Dual Range Room offers two standard sizes, with bespoke sizing options available upon request, ensuring a perfect fit for your vision. Experience the ultimate union of indoor and outdoor living with the MALA Signature Dual Range Room.

MALA Signature Hub & Hub+

The HUB & The HUB+

Working from home in peace and comfort

Discover the epitome of a home office with the MALA Signature HUB and MALA HUB+ Garden Office, where style and functionality harmonize flawlessly.

Escape the daily distractions of working “in” your home with the sophisticated MALA Hub Range of rooms. Immerse yourself in an environment designed to enhance productivity, reducing stress and fatigue associated with remote work.

Experience the liberation of shutting the door at the end of the day, leaving your work behind as you stroll through your garden and return to your home sanctuary.

Reclaiming your home, from work, has never easier as a MALA Hub or Hub+ can be installed in your garden in as little as two weeks from date of order.

MALA Rooms – Building Britain’s Best Outdoor Rooms.

The MALA Hub

The MALA Hub Range offers the ideal work-from-home space, featuring 200mm thick Rockwool® insulated walls for unrivaled tranquility and superior aluminium doors that invite an abundance of natural light into your serene and functional office.

Built using cutting-edge methods of construction, all MALA Rooms come with our exclusive 25-year structural guarantee, ensuring peace of mind and longevity.

Reclaim your home from work effortlessly, as a MALA Hub or Hub+ can be installed in your garden within a mere two weeks from the date of order. Transform your work-life balance with the MALA Signature HUB and MALA HUB+ Garden Office, where your professional aspirations meet luxurious tranquility.


If you are looking for the perfect place to work from home, then the MALA Hub Plus Garden Office could be just what you are looking for.

The stylish MALA Hub Office Range of rooms provide the perfect home office space to distance yourself from the daily distractions working ‘in’ your home can present.

Creating an environment that is conducive to productivity ultimately reduces the stress and fatigue that can be associated with working from home.

Being able to shut the door and leave your work behind you at the end of the day and taking a walk through your garden and into your home can be liberating to say the least!

The MALA Hub Range creates the perfect work from home space. With its 200mm thick Rockwool® insulated walls and its superior Warmcore® aluminium doors which allow the light to flood in to this quiet and functional office space.

All MALA Rooms are built using modern methods of construction and comes with our 25-year structural guarantee.


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MALA Business Hubs

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