When it comes to setting up a comfortable living space, the notion of living in just 35 square meters might seem limiting at first. However, in the hands of experts like MALA Annexes, a 35-square-meter annexe can be more than ample room for a senior or young adult to call home. In this blog, we’ll explore how this seemingly modest space can provide everything one needs for a cosy and functional living environment.

Versatile Design

MALA Annexes understands that the key to making the most of limited space lies in smart design. By carefully planning the layout, they can create a versatile living space that maximises every square meter. The annexe can easily accommodate a bedroom, ensuite bathroom, and a spacious open-plan kitchen diner.

Bedroom Comfort

The bedroom is where comfort and relaxation are paramount. Despite the compact size, MALA Annexes ensures that the bedroom area is designed to accommodate a comfortable bed, storage solutions, and even a small seating area. The goal is to create a peaceful retreat where residents can rest and unwind.

Ensuite Convenience

Having an ensuite bathroom is a luxury that adds tremendous convenience to daily life. MALA Annexes include a well-appointed ensuite bathroom that offers privacy and comfort. It’s equipped with modern fixtures and fittings, making it a functional and enjoyable space.

Open Plan Kitchen Diner

The heart of any home is the kitchen, and in a 35-square-meter annexe, it takes centre stage. MALA Annexes designs a spacious open-plan kitchen diner that seamlessly combines cooking, dining, and socialising areas. The open layout creates an illusion of space and encourages interaction, making the most of every square meter.

Quality and Speed

What truly sets MALA Annexes apart is their ability to construct high-quality annexes quickly. Their expertise in MMC (modern methods of construction) allows for efficient and precise building processes. This means that your annexe can be ready for occupancy in a remarkably short period. The combination of speed and quality ensures that you can enjoy your new living space sooner than you might expect.

Maximising Space for a Fulfilling Life

In conclusion, a 35-square-meter annexe, skilfully designed and constructed by MALA Annexes, is indeed bigger than you think and quicker than you think. It’s a testament to the power of thoughtful design and efficient construction techniques. With a bedroom, ensuite bathroom, and open-plan kitchen diner, this compact living space can provide all the comfort and functionality you need to set up a fulfilling and comfortable home.

Looking For an Annexe?

So, whether you’re a senior looking to downsize or a young adult seeking independence, consider the possibilities of a 35-square-meter annexe. MALA Annexes can turn your vision into reality, offering you a cosy and efficient living space that maximises every square meter.

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