What is hidden inside a MALA wall 

MALA Rooms build a high specification, superior Choice for Outdoor Rooms

“Discover MALA Rooms: The High Specification, Superior Choice for Outdoor Rooms”

When it comes to creating outdoor rooms that offer the ultimate working environment, MALA Rooms stands head and shoulders above the rest. We are committed to using only the best materials to ensure superior quality and unmatched comfort in every space we build.

So why is what is hidden inside a MALA wall so important to us and for our clients?

Fire and Moisture Resistance: Our outdoor rooms are constructed with materials that are fire resistant, providing you with peace of mind and making safety our highest priority. Additionally, our superior moisture resistance ensures that your space remains dry, preventing any degradation of the surrounding construction material.

Easy Installation: We understand the importance of efficiency when it comes to installation. Our modern methods of construction, allowing you to start enjoying your new space sooner.

Unmatched Comfort with Rockwool Insulation: We exclusively use Rockwool insulation, renowned for its exceptional performance. Made from sustainable stone wool, Rockwool offers numerous advantages over fiberglass insulation. Its higher R-values provide superior thermal efficiency, keeping your room comfortable in all seasons. Rockwool is moisture resistant, ensuring dry and healthy insulation spaces while preventing the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. It is also completely resistant to rot, ensuring the long-term integrity of your outdoor room.

🐭 Rodent-Resistant and Itch-Free: MALA Rooms’ construction techniques and high-quality materials make our rooms rodent-resistant, keeping unwanted pests out of your space. Additionally, say goodbye to the discomfort of itchy insulation. Rockwool does not cause itching, providing a pleasant working environment for years to come.

🛠️ Maintenance: Some types of insulation can slip and sag down the inside of a wall, particularly if they become damp. This creates and expensive space to keep warm or rectify. With Rockwool’s all-friction fit, MALA ensure there are zero gaps or voids and zero slip or sag, ever!

🌬️ Enhanced Acoustic Performance: MALA Rooms’ Rockwool insulation not only provides excellent thermal insulation but also effectively reduces airflow and sound transmissions. Its higher air flow resistivity ensures better sound attenuation, creating a quieter and more productive working environment.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts or visit us in person to learn more about the superior quality and benefits of MALA Rooms. Experience the pinnacle of outdoor room craftsmanship and elevate your working environment today.