Is this a picture of a room in a house or in a garden? 

It is an outdoor room in a garden. So what is the difference between an outdoor room and a room in your house?

A quality outdoor room has the same integrity as a room in your house, it will feel, perform thermally and acoustically in a similar way (a ‘budget’ outdoor room serves a purpose, but some can feel a little bit like being inside an insulated shed).

The pros and cons of a quality outdoor room

The cons of a quality outdoor room will be cost, as it will cost slightly more money to build. There are many pros however; the value it adds to a property, the interior environment will be much more comfortable (it will feel like a room in your home) and the heating bills will be greatly reduced.

So is the image here a room in a house or a quality garden room

Well that was a leading question. This is an image of a quality MALA outdoor Room. What you can’t see though is the thickness of the walls and floors, the type of insulation, the type of heating and the insulation within the window frames etc. All key construction elements in a standalone alone building that create a truly habitable all year round space.

Quality also equals longevity

MALA Rooms places a 25 year guarantee on the structure and foundation, the cornerstones of any building. As with most things in life quality products simply last longer. A quality room will perform as a true extension to your home and life, not a room you do not enjoy being in!

If you are considering creating extra space by building an outdoor room and you want to feel comfortable in, come rain or shine, then it really is worth considering a quality build, even if that means stretching the budget.