Can I change my conservatory into an extension?

Yes! You can change your conservatory into an extension with MALA extensions who offer the perfect solution for a conservatory replacement.

We all know how hot conservatories can be in the summer and how cold they can be in the winter. It’s no wonder so many people are wondering whether they can improve their conservatory or replace it altogether! This is why MALA have found a way to replace your conservatory with a cost effective MALA Extension.

How long does it take to build?

A MALA Extension can be built quicker than you might think. This is because we build in light gauge steel which allows us to easily and swiftly construct your extension. Our aim is to carry out a fast yet simple build process that allows you to continue your normal daily routine with minimal disruption.

Why change your conservatory into a MALA extension?

Our modern steel frame construction methods are not only quick to build, but are also highly durable and energy efficient. MALA extensions can encompass fresh and modern design features such as contemporary bi-fold doors and windows, composite cladding and flat roof lights. On the other hand, traditional french doors, rendered or brick slips walls and pitched roof lanterns offer an alternative to our contemporary designs. Even better is the fact that you can add value to your home, rather than your old conservatory devaluing your property!

How does the build process work?

Initially, we will organise and complete a site visit in order to provide you with a quote based on where you plan to build on your property. The next step is to pay your deposit and plan a date for building to commence. Firstly, the team will begin by removing your existing conservatory and preparing the foundations for the extension. Secondly, we will erect a steel frame base and install the insulation within the frame. Thirdly, we will fit the interior with plasterboard walls, electrics, heating, windows, doors and any skylights of your choice. Finally, we will render the extension exterior leaving your new extra space looking brand new, fresh and ready to use!